lørdag, mai 05, 2007

Dette står om rottweiler fra ulike nettlinkar.

"Females may become problem barkers in order to protect their den."

"Aggression in Rottweilers is associated with poor breeding, poor handling, lack of socialization, natural guarding tendencies, and abuse."

"Nevertheless, this breed is not for the inexperienced or uninvolved dog owner, or anyone who lacks the physical strength to handle the Rottweiler."

"One unusual example of the breed's guarding instinct is a rescue attempt of a woman sinking in a peat bog in County Durham, when rescuers were prevented from saving her when her two Rottweilers began snarling at them. They were enticed away from the scene after being fed with biscuits. The happy ending here occurred despite poorly trained dogs - the owner could otherwise have had the dogs "sit" and "stay." This behavior would be typical of a dog well bonded with its owner, as would be the many unreported cases where burglaries and even murders were deterred by the presence of one or more Rottweilers in a home."

"Although the Rottweiler does not usually bite without provocation, even being cornered and held by one of these dogs is a very unnerving experience."

"Good natured, not aggressive, nervous, or vicious. Courageous, obedient, with natural guarding instincts.The rottweiler with strangers is generally aloof and most times will not come up to a stranger wagging his tail. "

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