søndag, oktober 21, 2007

DVDane mine.

Barbara Handelman - Clickertrain your own assistance dog
Bob Bailey - The fundamentals of animal training
Broitman & Lippman - Take a bow wow and Bow wow take 2
Jan Fennell - The dog listener
Karen Pryor - Clicker Magic ! The art of clicker training with Karen Pryor
Karen Pryor - Don't shoot the dog, Lydbok
Kathy Sdao - Cujo meets Pavlov
Kathy Sdao - Improve your “I-Cue”
Leslie Nelson - Pet obedience + teaching pet people
Pamela Dennison - Camp R.E.W.A.R.D. for aggressive dogs
Pamela Dennison - Positive solutions for solving standard behavioral problems
Patricia McConnell - Both ends of the leash
Susan Garretts - Crate games, for selfcontrol and motivation
Ted Turner - Classics of training featuring Ted Turner
Turid Rugaas - Calming signals, what your dog tells you

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